Kian 'Karnage' Pham

Luke Pezzutti (Head Coach)

Luke Pezzutti is probably one of the most experienced and qualified MMA practitioners and coaches in Australia. A BJJ black belt under John Will; an MMA Welterweight Champion under the Xtreme Fighting Championships banner; an accomplished freestyle wrestling instructor; and former amateur boxer under Joe Laferla. On top of that, having been one of current CFC and Bellator Middleweight Champion Hector Lombard’s former coaches, there is no doubt Luke is one of the best there is. Luke has provided me guidance in all forms ever since I started in the sport back in 2007, however it has only been since end of 2009 that I have been training full time at Lion’s Den Academy. Ever since then, my overall game has improved by leaps and bounds. On top of being a great coach, Luke is a great person in and outside of the gym.

Joe Laferla (Boxing)

Joe has been involved with Boxing for 40+ years as both an amateur boxer as well as a boxing coach. Joe has coached many boxing champions as well as Luke Pezzutti during his reign as the XFC Welterweight Champion. Joe is an ideal coach for smaller fighters having competed at 125lbs as an amateur boxer. He will be valuable for building strategies for smaller fighters especially during my pursuit to improve my hands.

Justin Turtle (Wrestling)

Justin is a well decorated freestyle wrestler having been brought up the ranks at the Australian Insitute of Sport under former Russian Olympian Anatoli Beloglazov, who is also the brother of Sergei Beloglazov – 2x Olympic Gold medallist, and 6x World Champion. Justin has represented Australia on many fronts in freestyle wrestling and having also competed in MMA, he has adapted his knowledge and skills as a freestyle wrestler into the MMA world and is a valuable asset at the gym.

Fab Itte (Wrestling)

Fab is the heart and soul of the Evolution Wrestling Academy at Miller PCYC and has coached many wrestlers to represent Australia on the international circuit. Fab virtually started my training as a freestyle wrestler and I credit a lot of my fundamental skills to Fab and my partners at the club. Unfortunately I don’t train at Miller Wrestling as much as I’d like these days, but I do try to make it back in there from time to time to touch up my wrestling.