Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

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Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

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One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

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All the latest updates…

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So it’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I’d share an update on things. My last post was about my trip to Melbourne for the Australia Cup. I made weight, but there was noone else in the 55kg class, so to not waste the trip, I decided to compete in the 60kg weight class. Unfortunately I lost both my matches, even one against the Australian/Oceania champion. It was a good experience and I managed to get quite a few things out of it.

Since my last fight in February, I’ve been focusing on the wrestling only as I’ve been quite busy with work. Had to travel overseas for a total duration of about 4 weeks over 2 months, so any preparation for a fight would not have been ideal. I did get to train a bit here and there while I was in Singapore and Thailand. Met some good people and am glad I will have familiar faces to look up when i’m in those countries again.

I don’t see any travel happening anytime soon so i’ve been back hard into the training. I’ve picked up a gear on my muay thai, and eyeing an amatuer fight in August. We’ve also got a new wrestling coach who’s coached several world champions, so that is very exciting, and with the limited time i’ve had with him already, I can see how valuable he is going to be. And finally, my BJJ training will pick up at the Lion’s Den Academy. Luke is a great coach and equally a great person and I have thoroughly enjoyed my training there over this year, so i’ve decided to attend more classes to keep my BJJ progressing.

So, all in all, training wise, things look great. I feel I have the right people around me to help me grow and am very thankful for that. Until next time…

Australia Cup

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I’m driving to Melbourne in a few hours for the Australia Cup freestyle wrestling comp. There are a few of us from Evolution Wrestling competing, so it should be good. It’ll be my first proper freestyle wrestling comp and it’ll be up against some good wrestlers, since this will be qualifiers for the World Championships in Denmark.

I’ve cut down from my usual fight weight of 62kg to wrestle at 55kg. I should make weight comfortably as there’s a 1kg weight allowance. Let’s hope there’s a few other entrants my weight so I can get in with some wrestlers my size, or else I’ll end up (this will be most likely) wrestling in the 60kg division.

Anyway, should get some sleep, so i’m not too tired to cut the rest of the weight tomorrow. Will update with results soon.

6th Australian Submission Grappling Championships

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This weekend past I competed at the 6th Annual Australian Submission Grappling Championships held in Sydney. It was a no gi event and I was surprised at the big turnout. It’s really good to see grappling is becoming more and more popular. Saw many familiar faces and was good to catch up with many people i’ve crossed paths with over the years.

I competed in the u61kg Blue/Purple belt division and won both my matches to take out the division and I guess can be called the Australian Champ =). I came up against Neil Robertson in the final who I’ve competed against a few times before, as well as an MMA fight. Always good competing against him. He’s a top guy.

Special thanks to the guys at Evolution Wrestling who I thoroughly believe have taken my grappling to another level. Also thanks to Luke and Mark from Lion’s Den who cornered me in my matches. Perfect cornering.

Here’s a picture of me and my medal.

Victory at CFC 7

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Aside from posting the victory picture below I haven’t written much on the fight at CFC 7 as I’ve been a bit busy, or you could say a bit lazy. I won the fight via a rear naked choke midway in the 2nd round. Once I knew I had sunk in that choke, I could already feel the second dose of adrenalin kick in, in time for the celebration.

This win has probably been the best one so far as there was a lot riding on this fight. New training leading up to the fight. A new team now where we’re so closely knit and have been riding this journey every step of the way – I really didn’t want to let down. And an old team (person i should say) who just wanted to see me fail. I really felt it in the nerves department prior to the fight. On top of that, I was about to fight probably the biggest guy i’ve fought to date. I think he was around 5’10. I’m only 5’3, and by fight night, I was probably giving up about 10% of my body weight to him too. But, I felt I fought a strategic fight and kept composed the whole time and came away with the win.

After the fight, I was interviewed by Brian Ebersole about a possible title shot and possible future opponents. I should’ve asked Brian if he was willing to come down to 62kg to fight me for a belt. =). On that note, I hope to be able to fight down a weight class for future fights. I’ve had all my fights around 62kg whereas I should be fighting at 57kg. The additional weight I’ve been giving up to my opponents is getting harder to deal with. But I’ll see what happens in the coming months…

First fight of 2009

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Another big year of MMA coming up, and it kicks off with my first fight of 2009 which will be at CFC 7: Battle at the Big Top on February 20th. This show will be headlined with the Lightweight title fight between Rob Hill and Bernado Trekko. My opponent will be Philip Lai from Team Nemesis in VIC. From what I know of Philip, he is a good striker with a couple of MMA fights under his belt and has a size and reach advantage over me.

Being the smaller guy isn’t a new thing to me, so I’ve been training hard with the team on getting the right set of skills I need to win this fight. I’m excited to be fighting again with the CFC, and am excited to put on display the new and improved Karnage since joining Team Juggernaut.

For more info visit http://www.cfcworld.com.au/

Team Juggernaut

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OK, from my last post, and the fact that I know the MMA community out there are intelligent cookies, people would have guessed there was a change coming on for myself. As the title suggests, I have moved on from KMA Liverpool. The last 12 months have seen my training kind of plateau off and with what I believe is going to be a very big year for MMA in 2009, I decided a move was required to take me to the next level and beyond. And the move was to Team Juggernaut.

I have new trainers and a new team. I’ve been training the last few weeks with them and am very excited about things to come. The guys are great and it’s the perfect environment I want to be in with a feeling of camaraderie everywhere you look. Not only that, there’s a great group of good sparring partners for me to train with and help me prepare for my fights in every aspect. They’re all there supporting everyone every step of the way and am excited to be apart of such a team.

The first chance for me to fly the Team Juggernaut flag will be at CFC7 on February 20th, 2009. More details on my next fight at a later date. As per definition, Karnage has become a part of a large, overpowering, destructive force – Team Juggernaut.

Change is all a part of growth…

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There always comes a time when we feel that we’re no longer making progress in the things we do. Maybe it’s because we’re doing the same things. I was once told that if you keep doing the same thing, then you get the same results. And when a friend told me today that change is all apart of growth, I could not disagree.

Like a lot of people, I prefer to stay as far as possible from the politics of things. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided. There’ll always be politics, so we just accept it and move on. New doors have opened up for me and call me naive, but I thought that the old doors would remain open. It’s not like i’ve been dissing people or saying bad things. I’ve just taken up an opportunity to grow – but I guess sometimes not everyone is happy with change.

So I’m at the dawn of a new change and hope people close to me support me moving forward. I know that the people who have my interests in their best interests will do exactly that. I know where my loyalties are and will always be grateful to the people who have helped me get me to where I am. Politics may prevail and doors may close on me and unfortunately I might not be able to repay my loyalties.

I’ve learnt that you can’t always keep everyone happy, but I don’t think it’s right to keep everyone unhappy. If diplomacy fails then all we can do is accept it and look to the future…

Back on the winner’s list

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A day after CFC6 and I’m feeling very happy and satisfied with getting the win last night against my opponent Neil Robertson. Neil came out with guns blazing and from the outset I knew it was gonna be a tough battle. Not only was I feeling physically prepared for this fight, but I was feeling very mentally prepared as well. My previous fight I had quite a number of distractions and wasn’t able to be as focused as I was last night. All that was on my mind was getting the win. And that I did, with a submission win via armbar in the first round. Unfortunately I felt a pop in Neil’s arm right when he tapped out, but have checked up with his crew today and have been informed his arm is OK, just a little sore. I hope it’s not too bad, and he’s back to training in no time.

Overall, it feels great to be back on the winner’s list and can’t wait to get back to training next week. I’ve taken my training to new places and the momentum is awesome, so I want to make sure I keep things rolling.

As for the night itself. A few surprise wins for a couple of underdogs, and a few disappointed losses from a couple of fighter friends. I’m hoping the loss gives them the drive to come back better fighters.

Thanks to Neil for the fight, and Luke and the CFC folk for putting on another great show.

For more news and infor check out http://www.cfcworld.com.au

Back from Iran…

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I’m back from a very long week overseas for the World Pankration Championships in Iran. I say it was long because a lot happened, both good and bad. After spending over 30 hrs travelling and waiting around in airports the first day, the following two days was an organisational nightmare with us changing between 4 different accommodations. We slept at 3am on the first day there and around 2am on the 2nd day.

One of the venues we stayed at was the Olympic Village where all the other athletes stayed at. These were below our normal standards, and we had to get out of there and find proper hotels. Unfortunately things were screwed around, and we eventually had to sleep one night in the sub-par room.

As for my fight, I had an unlucky draw and came up against the Russian in the first round. The Russians are the top ranked team and I knew i was gonna be in for a tough match. I figured that if i was going to get a top ranked country up first, it might as well be the #1 guy. Unfortunately for myself, I lost on points 7-3, but I nearly submitted him with a triangle and an armbar. His tactic of dragging me off the mat to be restarted back in the middle on our feet saved his skin. =). Overall I finished 5th.

Overall it was a GREAT feeling representing your country. Competing in something is one thing, but competing country vs country is an awesome feeling. Wearing the Aussie flag and green and gold really does give you warm and fuzzies inside. Even though we had organising issues nearly everywhere we went, the overall experience was worth it. The opening ceremony, though small and didn’t have the biggest of budgets, was good to be apart of. Australia was the highest profile country there so we got quite a lot of attention, with people asking to take photos with us. I don’t know if the attention in such a country was a good thing, but we came out all OK.

One of the best things to come out of this experience are the friendships that came out of this. We bonded very tightly as a team and am glad to have travelled with such great people. I tell ya, MMA guys are the nicest athletes in any sport and I’m glad to be apart of a sport with such people. =)

Pankration World Titles

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I’m off to the 6th Pankration World Titles which will be held in Iran this year. I’m one of four fighters who will be representing Australia at this tournament and will be competing at 57kg – Even that’s light for me. I’m normally in the low 60′s but thought this would be a good weight for me to compete at so have been watching my diet for the last 5 weeks to ensure I make weight. Have been told there are 12 other countries in my division so it should be a good experience. One of the other guys has 22 countries. I’m hoping i don’t draw any of the top countries up front. Either way, i’m as ready as i can be. Let’s just hope i make weight… =)

PS. I can’t wait til the weigh-in is over so i can start enjoying food again!