Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...

Guest Post: Mixed Martial Arts Legislation in NY Would Spur New Economic Activity By Alexia Krause

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With the New York state deficit hitting $8 billion, steps need to be taken in order to right the ship that is the state’s budget. Recently New York Gov. David Paterson stated that the projected deficit for the upcoming fiscal year has grown by an additional $750 million. There’s no doubting that the Empire State is in dire straits trying to fix their deficit.  It is extremely difficult trying to balance a state budget at a time when the country as a whole is going through some of its most difficult economic hurdles in recent history. This forces us to take a fresh look at which programs will continue to receive funding. As a result, the state has been forced to cut, reject, and outright shut down many state programs and projects in order to make some type of movement out of the red and back into the black. Many of these budget cuts (like closing down state parks and cutting funding to public schools) were rampant and have cast an unfavorable light on politicians in Albany in the eyes of many New Yorkers. However, something must be done in order to fight the ailing state economy. As coincidence has it, a good fight might just be the answer to the budget problems. Read more…

Martial Combat 5 – Wrap up

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Back in Aus from Singapore for ESPN’s Martial Combat 5 and had a bittersweet experience. The overall trip was awesome as it was a great experience fighting overseas for the first time. We were well looked after by the promoters and everything was run exceptionally well. The atmosphere was great and it was fun being around so many fighters before, during and after the fights. Travelling with the Lion’s Den team was also a load of fun.

On the down side though, both Josh and I came back with a loss. For my fight, I felt I controlled most of my fight and did what was needed to win the fight. Everyone i’ve spoken to who has seen the fight believes I got robbed of the win. I’ve watched the fight again myself and I don’t know what the judges were seeing, and have no clue as to how they were scoring. I even had a CSA judge from Australia have a look at it, and based on agression, ring control, takedowns and groundwork, I should have won the fight. My opponent did land a few punches here and there, but they were not significant and I don’t think he did anything else worth scoring. As the saying goes, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges, but I think they got it very wrong.

Overall, besides the dubious decision, everything else was awesome which made up for the loss I guess. I hope I get asked to come back on a future show to finish a fight and not leave it in the hands of the judges again.

Here’s footage of my fight if you want to judge if I got robbed or not.

Thanks to Zeal Fightgear

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A special thanks to my sponsor for my ESPN Martial Combat fight – Zeal Fightgear based in Singapore. Gabriel who is one of the co-owners of Zeal Fighgear and was able to quickly print up some very nice looking walkout tees for both myself and Josh on the day of my fight.

Both mine and Josh’s shirts had our own fight names on them which was good. Zeal Fightgear have made some really sweet MMA sparring gloves which I got a chance to look at when I was in Singapore and I’ll be receiving some soon to try out. Am looking forward to these gloves as they’re small like MMA gloves are, yet the extra padding is perfect for harder sparring without having to use 14oz gloves. Will write up a review when I try them out.

Hopefully I get a chance to fight in Singapore again to have a chance to promote Zeal Fightgear once again.

Calm Before The Storm…

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All the hard training is over and we’ll be flying out tomorrow to Singapore for Martial Combat. It has been another tough camp leading up to this fight as it always is, and I’m in great conidtion. We have a stopover in Manila (Philippines) for a few hours before we make our final way to Singapore and land late Sunday night.

Summary of the week ahead is as follows:

- Monday is a free day with no commitments so we should fit in some relaxing and go do some stuff during the day.

- Tuesday begins the formal proceedings with medical checkups, tv shoots, and official weigh ins.

- Wednesday has Josh doing his own weigh ins, and my fight night which will be around 8pm local time. I’m the first fight, which is good, cause I always like to get my fight out of the way.

- Thursday will be Josh’s fight night, and he’ll be fight number 3. Then after all the fights are over will be the official after party at Big Easy at Resorts World Sentosa. I’m sure the night will go far into the morning to make use of out time there, as we fly out the next afternoon and land back in Sydney on Saturday morning.

I’m hoping for a very good fight, and of course a win result. Should be a good experiencing travelling with the team. I probably won’t be blogging during the trip, but will write up something when I get back. I’ll have more real time updates from my facebook page.

See ya all in a week.

ESPN and Star Sports Present: Martial Combat

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My next fight will be in two weeks in Singapore on a show run by ESPN called Martial Combat on July 14th. This show aims to bring all the best fighters around Asia Pacific and broadcast the fights and entertainment to a potential audience of 350 million people across 24 countries. I’ve been working to get on this show since the beginning of the year, and as you can see the scope is quite big. I’m glad I was able to get in a fight last month, which hopefullycleared the cobwebs from having sat out for 10 months since my previous fight and will be ready to showcase myself on this bigger stage.

My opponent will be Jiang Long Yun from China, who comes from a Boxing and Wrestling/Judo background. From what I’ve seen, he looks like a tough fighter once again and should be another good test for me. Also fighting on the same show is friend and team mate, Josh Payne who will be up against Robert “The Beast” Washington. Originally from the USA, but now resides in Guam, Robert looks like a strong wrestler, and is currently unbeaten with 9 wins. Unfortunately, everyone eventually loses, so I’m happy to be there when Josh gives him his first loss. :)

We have a couple of friends who will be making the trip to support out of their own pocket which will be good support. Should be a good experience for all, and having been to Singapore many times before, it will be a great country to host this.

Will keep you all informed of the events leading up to and on the day. Cheers.

The Man in the Arena

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This has always been one of my favourite quotes and is quite a famous speech by President Theodore Roosevelt. I think it captures everything that a person goes through when they strive to succeed, what it means when we fall short, and what really counts after all is said and done.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

- Theodore Roosevelt, April 23, 1910

Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear

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So the Monday after my CFC14 fight I went to the physio to get a proper diagnosis on my elbow injury and the result was a Grade 2 Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear in the elbow. The ligament is on the inside of the elbow and is a common injury place for baseball pitchers among other sports. The below pic shows a baseball player who’s had surgery on his just to show you where it’s placed.

I found this other picture of another baseball player in the act of pitching a ball and you can kind of visualize how the injury happened with this picture.

If you can imagine myself punching (overhand right) you can see how the elbow is opened up away from the body like that. Now normally you would punch through, and hit the target. However, as explained in my previous post, during hard sparring, my opponent punched back as I was doing this. Now, the punch may have missed my head, but it connected with my forearm right as the above motion was occurring, which virtually doubled the impact my elbow received pushing it backwards in the direction behind my head. Not fun.

This injury can also happen in jiu jitsu via an americana, or kimura or figure-4 as it is also referred to at times – but normally only when you don’t tap soon enough. Some of you may have strained this ligament before from not tapping early enough too. The symptons: finding it painful when straightening the arm.

As for recovery, I’ll be seeing my physio a few times a week for the next two weeks and I have it strapped up for the whole week to limit the motion of the elbow. I want to get this healed up ASAP, so I can get back into the gym. :)

CFC 14 Result, what happened, and where to from here…

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Unfortunately I went away with a loss on Saturday night at CFC 14. Even more unfortunate for me was that it was mainly due to an injury I sustained in the last hard sparring session a week earlier which meant I could not extend and straighten my arm without any pain. The plan for the fight though was to hopefully not get into that particular situation, however my opponent was able to get me in that exact situation and sadly I could not fight out of it. A lot of people remember my Rampage style slam of Neil Robertson when he caught me in a similar position, but without the strength in that elbow, there was to be no Rampage slam again. Not taking any credit away from Edwin, he was good enough to get me there and I was impressed with his performance. It just wasn’t my lucky night.

The injury itself was a freak accident with me and my sparring partner punching simultaneously and him connecting my forearm which basically gave me a standing americana. I’ll be going to physio for the next two weeks and resting to get this elbow back to normal.

Where do I go from here? Well, I still want to look for more fights, because I just like to fight. My win percentage is now at 50% after this fight so it’s no longer about winning or losing for me anymore. I do it because I like the competition and i’m always going into fights was a disadvantage and I like the challenge of overcoming that. Where I’m going to fight next is the big question. I’ll probably look to fight on other shows where I can fight at catch weights. My win percentage is now at 50% so it’s no longer about winning or losing for me anymore. As for training, I don’t think I did anything wrong in terms of preparing for this fight, so I’ll be doing the same things.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people who came to support me, and I mean it deeply that your support means everything to me. Thank you everyone for all the kind words after my fight, because for me sometimes losing becomes a very lonely feeling and it makes it less so. And thank you to EverythingMMA.com.au for sponsoring me for this fight.

See you all again soon.

CFC14 Opponent Update: Karnage vs Edwin Arana

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My initial opponent for CFC 14, Dallas Lennon has had to pull out of the fight this coming Saturday due to a staph infection. I know it sucks to have to pull out so close to a fight, and staph is never fun, so I wish Dallas a speedy recovery.

In his place, Edwin Arana from QLD has accepted to take the fight. I’ve already had one teammate miss out on fighting this weekend due to his opponent pulling out too, and the promoter unable to find him a replacement, so he was super bummed about it, but I’m happy all my training will not go to waste a least and I still have a fight.

Edwin last fought on Brace for War 4 against Tyson Kroehn where Edwin won a three round war via TKO. From what I know he is a tough fighter so it should be a very good fight on Saturday.

Also, as a special promotion by EverythingMMA for this coming fight you can receive a 30% discount off all purchases up until June 5th when you use coupon code “KIAN”, so take advantage of the offer while you can. www.everythingmma.com.au

CFC 14 – June 5th, 2010

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Officially announcing my next fight which most of you are aware of already. As mentioned, I’ll be fighting at CFC 14 at Big Top Luna Park on June 5th. My opponent will be Dallas Lennon from Magnus MMA from up on the Central Coast. I’ve already had a teammate fight someone from the same gym and they had a tough fight, so I’m sure I’ll be in for a tough fight myself.

Josh Payne and Rob Lisita from our gym will be fighting on the same night too so we’re all been preparing together which has been good. We’ve been training hard and look to make it 3 – 0 on the night. A bit over two weeks to go and we’re hitting our peaks just at the right time. Should be a great night of fights. For tickets go to Ticketek or Big Top website.

And also, thanks again to EverythingMMA.com.au.