Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...

Fight Diary – The Lonely Road

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There are mornings where I wake up and head to the gym and it’s deserted. There’s times I need to squeeze in a bit more training and everyone else is done for the day or taking the day off. The nights and weekends where I just can’t do the things everyone else is doing. Or eat the things everyone else is eating. MmmMMm… food….

Sometimes the journey of fighting can be a lonely road. And this is probably not just limited to fighting, but for anyone who pursues a passion or a dream or just wants to reach their potential. There are days where it feels like all motivation has been zapped from your body and you’re trying to get to the end of the week, let alone the end goal which seems so far away. And sometimes compounded by the feeling that you’re the only one on this journey. But it should never get you down. It should never break your spirit. Read more…

Allegiance 4: Lord of the Flies

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It is official. I will be fighting as the main event on Allegiance 4 on October 29th for what will be Australia’s first MMA Flyweight Title. The event will take place at Port Macquarie Panthers and my opponent will be Jarrett ‘Juarez’ Owen from Advance Martial Arts in QLD. Jarrett just came off a very impressive submission win over Mark O’Callaghan who I was scheduled to fight at CFC18 before O’Callaghan pulled out due to injury. So I think it is appropriate that I fight Jarrett for the number 1 spot in Aus at 57kg and lay claim to the title of Lord of the Flies. :) Read more…

Behind the Scenes at CFC 18

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A friend of mine did a video of the night’s proceedings from behind the scenes at CFC 18. I think it’s a great video which gives an insight to what happens out back prior to the fight and afterwards for a fighter at a CFC event. I think most people don’t see this kind of stuff so it makes the video all the more interesting. View the video after the jump.  Read more…

CFC 18 Victory

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So I won my fight last night at CFC 18 against Mike Lim via guillotine choke 1:35s into the first round. Firstly, I’d like to give big props to Mike who came in as a replacement as my two previous opponents pulled out. Mike showed great heart and really took the fight to me from the get go which surprised me. Fortunately for me, my hard work at training paid off and I was able to defuse the situation and finish the fight. That’s one thing you need for this sport, a big heart, and he definitely has a massive one and will only get better. I had a good chat to Mike after the fight and I wish him all the best in the future. You’re a warrior mate regardless of the result.  Read more…

Fight Diary – It’s Good To Be Nervous

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I was never really as nervous as I should be before fights. And even when I was, I was thinking about the wrong things so the nerves I did have probably weren’t directly related to the job at hand. And that job was to fight for your life. To go in there for 15 minutes and give it everything I’ve got. There came a time when I took a more relaxed approach and decided to think of the fight like any other sporting competition which I thought would help remove the nerves. But I’ve come to believe that being nervous is a good thing. It switches you on and prepares you for what’s to come. Going into a fight without nerves can lead to complacency and not lack of urgency when you should be scrambling your ass off. It creates a sense of desperation for everything. Read more…

Flashback: Debut at CFC 2

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I bump into quite a few people who recognize me as a fighter and they always seem to remember me from my debut on CFC. People either refer to my submission win on CFC 2 as “the monkey move” or “where I climbed on that guy’s neck” or “flying choke”  or the conventional “standing guillotine”. Regardless of how they seem to describe it, it’s that finish they seem to remember me by. So in my own little flashback, I decided to upload the video of that particular fight in full for others who weren’t there that night to enjoy. So… Enjoy!

CFC 18 – New Opponent : UPDATED

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So I had reported at the beginning of the week that Mark O’Callaghan had to pull out of the August 26th fight due to an injury. That’s very unfortunate for him and I hope he recovers well. On the flipside, fortunately for me a replacement was found a day later so my fight is still on and all the preparation hasn’t gone to waste. I just haven’t had time to write a post about it till now.

So, I will now be fighting Kyle Montgomery from South Coast NSW who trains under Mick Cutajar. The fight will be at a new lower weight of 57kg (125lbs) which will make it a true flyweight fight then. Mick’s been around the sport for a very long time so fighting anyone from his gym should be a good tough fight. I definitely won’t be any less focused than my previous match up.

So only two weeks to go and I’m excited to get back in the cage again for the first time since October 2010. Hopefully my new opponent’s training camp and preparation is a good one with no injuries, and hopefully there’s fireworks come August 26th.

*UPDATE – Another replacement* – 15th August

So just got word that Kyle Montgomery has pulled out of the fight. Fortunately for myself there was another backup fighter from South Australia by the name of Mike Lim who will be my new opponent. From what I’ve been told there won’t be a height disadvantage for myself as I was going to have previously so have to tweak the strategy…. yet again. Still 12 days out, so shouldn’t be too disruptive, but more importantly, i’m just glad I still have a fight.

Fight Diary – Injuries: Occupational Hazard

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 Ironically I had decided several days ago that my fight diary this week was going to be about injuries and more specifically about injury management leading up to fights. And in some unfortunate news yesterday I was informed that my opponent had pulled out of the fight on August 26th due to an injury. Read more…

Fight Diary – Motivation: Dig Deep

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So normally about 8 weeks out from a fight is when the proper preparation for a fight for me begins. We’re still about 4 weeks away till fight day – so virtually only halfway there. So with all the intense and hard training sessions I’ve had to go through so far, there’s still a lot more to go and the challenge is always trying to find the motivation to get my ass to training. But not only just showing up, but putting in a solid session each and every time. It’s definitely tough because the sessions are never easy. We train pretty hard and sometimes the thought of what I’m in for when i wake up in the morning is almost enough to convince me not to get out of bed.

So how do I get the motivation to get my ass to training? To put in a solid session each time? To not give up when it hurts? To tell myself to keep going when I think I can’t? Read more…

New Promo Video

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While I was editing some training videos for my own educational purposes, I ended up getting carried away and ended up making a promo video (I get distracted quite easily). The song is by The Killers and sounds pretty awesome with the selected footage a pics. Here it is.