Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...

Signed with One Fighting Championship

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I’m happy to announce that I have signed a multi-fight deal with One Fighting Championship and so my next fight will be early 2013 on one of OneFC’s cards. I’m excited with this opportunity as in a short time, OneFC has grown to be the biggest MMA promotion in Asia with a broadcast deal beaming fights into 500 million homes via ESPN and millions more via their online pay-per-views.

I’m also happy that I will be fighting at my natural weight of Flyweight as there are many more fighters my size in Asia. OneFC are looking to crown a Flyweight champion in 2013 so I hope to be in the mix when that all happens. I wanted 2013 to be a big year in terms of fighting, and this new deal is the start of that.

Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week

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I was up in Queensland the other week and was able to catch up with my sponsors – Advanced Fight Gear. While I was there I had some time to do an “Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week”. Check out the video below and check out their website for MMA products while you’re at it.

Advanced Fight Gear Website

Essential Knowledge When Starting Out In BJJ

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Found this pic on the net and every word rings true about BJJ. If you can accept a lot of this when starting out as a white belt in BJJ then you will have a much better chance at succeeding in it. Becoming a good grappler takes years and years of work and as the picture says, takes a lot of mistakes and failures, but to come out at the end of the tunnel is truly a rewarding feeling and that is why BJJ is one of the best forms of martial arts there is.

Form Athletics Team Fight Shorts – MMAHQ

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The generous guys over at MMAHQ sent me a pair of Form Athletics Fixed Waist Team Fight Shorts to try out and I have to say that they’re some very nice feeling shorts. Material feels very sturdy and durable and would handle quite a lot and despite the toughness in the material they’re still very light shorts.

Normally around $60USD, the guys at MMAHQ ran a deal to get these for $25! Which is super cheap. Check out their site for their daily deals on products with significant discounts. Basically the same as “Deal a Day” sites, but for MMA stuff only!

For MMA products check out http://www.mmahq.com/

And for BJJ related products you can also check out http://www.bjjhq.com/

New Sponsorship with Advanced Fight Gear

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I am very happy to announce that the team at Advanced Fight Gear will be sponsoring me and will be helping me out with all my fight gear equipment. They specialize in all the necessary equipment I need and I’m happy that their high quality products will meet my intense training needs.

I’m excited to join the Advanced Fight Gear team which already has the likes of Champion MMA fighter Dylan “The Villain” Andrews and very thankful for their support.

Check out their website here: http://www.advancedfightgear.com/
Check out their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/AdvancedFightGear 

CFC21 Preparation Update

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Been quite some time I’ve posted an entry on here. Have been busy with a lot of other stuff earlier in the year, and the training camp for this upcoming fight has kept me busy too, so haven’t had much time to write on here. Thought I’d give a bit of an update on how things were going for my CFC 21 fight while I had a few moments to spare.

A bit over 2 weeks till my fight on may 18th and training camp couldn’t be going any better. All aspects of my game are solid and am confident my skills and all the hard effort from this camp will raise my hand in victory. The last stretch is always the hardest, so I’m still in for a tough time for a bit longer. Hopefully things continue to go as great as they have been, and I notch my 3rd win in a row. Talk again soon!

Interview with MMA Downunder

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MMA Downunder asked for me for an interview for a fighter profile feature they had for their site. Below is the excerpt of the main interview. Thanks MMA Downunder for doing the feature on me.

1) Where are you originally from and where did you grow up?

- I was born in Vietnam and my family moved to Australia as refugees when I was one. I grew up in the eastern suburbs of Sydney but pretty much spent most of my life living in the western suburbs of Sydney.

2) Why did you first get into martial arts and how old were you?
- My first exposure to martial arts was when I was 15 yrs old (which is 17 yrs ago – man i’m an old fart. haha). I did Wushu which is basically Chinese Kung Fu. The story behind that was that back in the 90s I was a huge Jet Li fan and I had a friend who knew a Master who actually trained with Jet Li back in China and were friends, so that basically got me to do it. I only did it for two years though. Fast forward to 2006 and that’s when I started my first BJJ class which was when the real path to MMA started. So you can say I was a late bloomer. :) Read more…

MMA News Asia Podcast Interview #2

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So it’s been more than two months since I’ve given any updates and that mainly has to do with some injuries, holiday season and travelling. But I’m back into everything and that means even some time to stop by MMA News Asia to do another podcast interview to update on the last few months and what lies ahead for me in the next few months. I’ll be doing an official post soon about my future plans too.

Listen to the full podcast here:

The original MMA News Asia article can be found here too - Australia’s ‘Number One Flyweight MMA Warrior’ Kian ‘Karnage’ Pham is back.

MMA News Asia Podcast Interview

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Yesterday I did a podcast interview with MMA News Asia where they were interested to get a very candid and personal history about myself and get some insight into the life and mind of an MMA fighter. We discussed my humble beginnings in MMA, about how and when I started training; the joys of winning and the challenges of losing; what I have planned for the future; some discussion on next week’s CFC 19 event and a lot of other bits and pieces.

Listen to the full interview directly below here:

MMA News Asia will continue to present news about MMA in the region and I have been asked to be a guest whenever I can so if you’re interested in signing up to the podcast, then you can do so here via the numerous feeds which include iTunes:

Here is MMA News Asia’s actual post on their site too: Interview With Kian Pham – Cage Fighting Championship Fighter.

Injured: Out of Allegiance 4

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Unfortunately due to a rib injury, I’ve had to pull out of my fight on Allegiance 4 which was scheduled to occur in 11 or so days. I spent most of last night contemplating and pondering and running all the possible scenarios in my head as to what to do. My decision to pull out of the fight wasn’t easy. The initial incident occurred last week and I gave myself some rest and the best chance I could in the hope that it wasn’t anything serious and the fight could go on but during a very light warm-up roll last night I felt my rib pop – and after sitting on the side of the mat for 20 mins thinking about other things it could be, realized that the fight was not going to happen because it felt the same as the last time I hurt my rib. Read more…