Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...


Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

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Fuji Sports Aus

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back into BJJ competition last year I’ve been wearing Fuji gear so was already a fan of the brand. Now to be sponsored by them and have their support as I dive deeper into competition in 2014 both here in Australia and Internationally feels great.

If you want to check out their stuff check out the links below.

Fuji Sports Australia Website
Fuji Sports Australia Facebook Page
Grappling Store Online Store

Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week

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I was up in Queensland the other week and was able to catch up with my sponsors – Advanced Fight Gear. While I was there I had some time to do an “Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week”. Check out the video below and check out their website for MMA products while you’re at it.

Advanced Fight Gear Website

New Sponsorship with Advanced Fight Gear

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I am very happy to announce that the team at Advanced Fight Gear will be sponsoring me and will be helping me out with all my fight gear equipment. They specialize in all the necessary equipment I need and I’m happy that their high quality products will meet my intense training needs.

I’m excited to join the Advanced Fight Gear team which already has the likes of Champion MMA fighter Dylan “The Villain” Andrews and very thankful for their support.

Check out their website here: http://www.advancedfightgear.com/
Check out their Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/AdvancedFightGear 

CFC 18 Victory

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So I won my fight last night at CFC 18 against Mike Lim via guillotine choke 1:35s into the first round. Firstly, I’d like to give big props to Mike who came in as a replacement as my two previous opponents pulled out. Mike showed great heart and really took the fight to me from the get go which surprised me. Fortunately for me, my hard work at training paid off and I was able to defuse the situation and finish the fight. That’s one thing you need for this sport, a big heart, and he definitely has a massive one and will only get better. I had a good chat to Mike after the fight and I wish him all the best in the future. You’re a warrior mate regardless of the result.  Read more…

Sponsor: RVDDW – Reversal Australia

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Another special thanks and shoutout to Reversal Australia – RVDDW, who has kindly supported me for my upcoming fight at CFC 18 with some clothes and will have the privilege of me sporting their shorts. The privilege will definitely be more mine though as the shorts I’ll be wearing are great. To someone like me who is very picky with the shorts I wear into the cage as they need to be the right material, feel right on me, and won’t impede me in any way, I can happily say it passes on all fronts.  Read more…

Sponsor: All America EFX Supplements

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A special mention to All American EFX (AAEFX) Supplements who are kindly supporting me for my upcoming fight at CFC 18 on August 26th. They will be providing me with the necessary supplements to help me get through all the intense training sessions ahead and the recovery needed to keep doing it again and again till fight night.  Read more…

MMA Apparel / I Am Senshi Sponsors

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Just a quick shout out to some sponsors for my upcoming fight at CFC 15. MMA Apparel is a new online store selling MMA themed shirts and brands. One of the brands they stock which is co-sponsoring is I Am Senshi (warrior inspried fashion) based in the UK. Their designs are pretty cool and quite different from the usual MMA brands you get. Read more…

Thanks to Zeal Fightgear

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A special thanks to my sponsor for my ESPN Martial Combat fight – Zeal Fightgear based in Singapore. Gabriel who is one of the co-owners of Zeal Fighgear and was able to quickly print up some very nice looking walkout tees for both myself and Josh on the day of my fight.

Both mine and Josh’s shirts had our own fight names on them which was good. Zeal Fightgear have made some really sweet MMA sparring gloves which I got a chance to look at when I was in Singapore and I’ll be receiving some soon to try out. Am looking forward to these gloves as they’re small like MMA gloves are, yet the extra padding is perfect for harder sparring without having to use 14oz gloves. Will write up a review when I try them out.

Hopefully I get a chance to fight in Singapore again to have a chance to promote Zeal Fightgear once again.

CFC14 Opponent Update: Karnage vs Edwin Arana

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My initial opponent for CFC 14, Dallas Lennon has had to pull out of the fight this coming Saturday due to a staph infection. I know it sucks to have to pull out so close to a fight, and staph is never fun, so I wish Dallas a speedy recovery.

In his place, Edwin Arana from QLD has accepted to take the fight. I’ve already had one teammate miss out on fighting this weekend due to his opponent pulling out too, and the promoter unable to find him a replacement, so he was super bummed about it, but I’m happy all my training will not go to waste a least and I still have a fight.

Edwin last fought on Brace for War 4 against Tyson Kroehn where Edwin won a three round war via TKO. From what I know he is a tough fighter so it should be a very good fight on Saturday.

Also, as a special promotion by EverythingMMA for this coming fight you can receive a 30% discount off all purchases up until June 5th when you use coupon code “KIAN”, so take advantage of the offer while you can. www.everythingmma.com.au

EverthingMMA.com.au Sponsors Karnage for CFC 14

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I’m excited and proud to annouce that EverythingMMA.com.au has agreed to sponsor me for my next fight at CFC 14 on June 5th. EverythingMMA will support by providing me with my fight shorts, as well as walkout apparel for my cornermen and myself.

Be sure to check out EverythingMMA.com.au for all your MMA Clothing, MMA Equipment and MMA Gear needs and support the people who support me. They were also sponsors of George Sotiropolous and Wanderlei Silva for UFC 110, so you can be assured that you will be dealing with professionals. Thanks!