Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...


BJJ Black Belt

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So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words of thanks and reflection but haven’t had much time due to wrapping up work for the year and preparing to head overseas. So I’ve got a few hours left before flying out so now’s my chance…

To say I was surprised to have been awarded my black belt that night is an understatement. I personally didn’t think I was ready as in my head there was so much that I wanted to work on and perfect. Having planned the year ahead with competitions and travel for training and outlining somewhat of a path of what I wanted to do before getting my black belt – so didn’t think I was ready. But like most of my life I’ve always been one to keep working on things, trying to improve wherever possible, striving for perfection and never settling on where I’m at. And if that’s how I naturally am then I don’t think I would ever have been “ready” for a black belt. Read more…

Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week

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I was up in Queensland the other week and was able to catch up with my sponsors – Advanced Fight Gear. While I was there I had some time to do an “Advanced Fight Gear Technique of the Week”. Check out the video below and check out their website for MMA products while you’re at it.

Advanced Fight Gear Website

Essential Knowledge When Starting Out In BJJ

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Found this pic on the net and every word rings true about BJJ. If you can accept a lot of this when starting out as a white belt in BJJ then you will have a much better chance at succeeding in it. Becoming a good grappler takes years and years of work and as the picture says, takes a lot of mistakes and failures, but to come out at the end of the tunnel is truly a rewarding feeling and that is why BJJ is one of the best forms of martial arts there is.

Fight Diary – The Lonely Road

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There are mornings where I wake up and head to the gym and it’s deserted. There’s times I need to squeeze in a bit more training and everyone else is done for the day or taking the day off. The nights and weekends where I just can’t do the things everyone else is doing. Or eat the things everyone else is eating. MmmMMm… food….

Sometimes the journey of fighting can be a lonely road. And this is probably not just limited to fighting, but for anyone who pursues a passion or a dream or just wants to reach their potential. There are days where it feels like all motivation has been zapped from your body and you’re trying to get to the end of the week, let alone the end goal which seems so far away. And sometimes compounded by the feeling that you’re the only one on this journey. But it should never get you down. It should never break your spirit. Read more…

Fight Diary – It’s Good To Be Nervous

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I was never really as nervous as I should be before fights. And even when I was, I was thinking about the wrong things so the nerves I did have probably weren’t directly related to the job at hand. And that job was to fight for your life. To go in there for 15 minutes and give it everything I’ve got. There came a time when I took a more relaxed approach and decided to think of the fight like any other sporting competition which I thought would help remove the nerves. But I’ve come to believe that being nervous is a good thing. It switches you on and prepares you for what’s to come. Going into a fight without nerves can lead to complacency and not lack of urgency when you should be scrambling your ass off. It creates a sense of desperation for everything. Read more…

Fight Diary – Injuries: Occupational Hazard

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 Ironically I had decided several days ago that my fight diary this week was going to be about injuries and more specifically about injury management leading up to fights. And in some unfortunate news yesterday I was informed that my opponent had pulled out of the fight on August 26th due to an injury. Read more…

Fight Diary – Motivation: Dig Deep

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So normally about 8 weeks out from a fight is when the proper preparation for a fight for me begins. We’re still about 4 weeks away till fight day – so virtually only halfway there. So with all the intense and hard training sessions I’ve had to go through so far, there’s still a lot more to go and the challenge is always trying to find the motivation to get my ass to training. But not only just showing up, but putting in a solid session each and every time. It’s definitely tough because the sessions are never easy. We train pretty hard and sometimes the thought of what I’m in for when i wake up in the morning is almost enough to convince me not to get out of bed.

So how do I get the motivation to get my ass to training? To put in a solid session each time? To not give up when it hurts? To tell myself to keep going when I think I can’t? Read more…

The Mental Game…

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Been a while since my last update but, I’m Back… Those two words have a greater meaning now, and will so in the coming weeks. This post won’t dwell too much on the past, but I will say that there has been a lot going on in the last couple months. A lot of distractions away from the fighting game and when your head and heart isn’t in it, then it’s very difficult to focus on fighting. My last fight which was taken on a week’s notice was probably used more as a distraction from the distractions. Not a smart thing to do. But I did, and it’s a lesson learnt, like all things we do in life. Read more…

The Man in the Arena

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This has always been one of my favourite quotes and is quite a famous speech by President Theodore Roosevelt. I think it captures everything that a person goes through when they strive to succeed, what it means when we fall short, and what really counts after all is said and done.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

- Theodore Roosevelt, April 23, 1910

BJJ Training Retrospective

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Found this on a forum about BJJ and found it to be very true (and amusing too because of its truth).

* 90% of the folks that you start with at white belt will never make it to black belt.
* You will be one of those 90 percent that never reaches black belt unless you really want it.
* Injury is 100 percent guaranteed at each belt level.
* Family members will try to talk you into quitting after each injury, especially if surgery is required. and if you really don’t want to be a black belt, their comments will make sense and you will quit.
* Listen to your body and rest when you’re hurt. BJJ is a marathon race, not a sprint.
* There’s a thin line between being hurt and injured. Don’t ignore the warning signs.
* BJJ is ALL EGO, regardless of the old “leave your ego at the door” mantra.
* Keep a flower pot at the office large enough to soak my sore wrists, hands and elbows during the day.
* Never train hard without a good warm-up first. if you’re intentionally skipping warm-ups so you can save energy for your matches, you’re going to pay for it someday.
* To not listen to training advice from other white belts over my instructor.
* Everyone online sounds smarter and better equipped to teach you than your instructor.
* Too much bjj info (e.g. DVDs, books, magazines, etc.) is just as bad as not enough bjj info.
* Good grapplers are training, not spending all day posting about who’s the best grappler or where they train.
* If you don’t have training goals in the beginning, someone will give you their agenda for what they want you to be and you may not like it.
* The grappler that thinks “drilling is a waste of time” will be an average grappler at best.
* You don’t have to be at the gym to train.
* Competitions will reveal all your bad habits that you can either hide or ignore in the gym.
* Start learning takedowns as a white belt. that way, you won’t be a blue/purple/brown belt that can only jump guard or butt scoot.
* The paintbrush and every other basic technique that you think is useless will work if you take time to learn how to set them up and execute them correctly.
* If you have to think about doing a technique, you don’t know it.
* Drill at least 10-15 mins after class every day on the technique you just learned to help reinforce it in your muscle memory.
* Trust your coach to build you as a grappler, not strangers that you only talk to online.
* White belts don’t have a style, regardless of what they think.
* Never let anyone intimidate you on the mat.
* Remember to breathe when sparring. if you run out of gas too quickly every time you roll, you’re probably holding your breath.
* Never be afraid to tap with a partner, it’s really not that important