Fuji Sports Australia Sponsorship

Very happy to announce I have some new sponsors and have been selected to be a part of the Fuji Sports Australia Fight Team for 2014. Ever since I got back Read more...

Eternal MMA - Feb 21st 2014

I will be going up a weight class in my next fight which will be on Feb 21st on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia on Eternal MMA against Reece Read more...

BJJ Black Belt

So I was awarded my BJJ Black Belt a week ago and being such a monumental milestone I have been meaning to take the time to write some words Read more...

One FC: Warriors and Champions

I'll be making my One FC debut on September 13th on their "Champions & Warriors" card being held in Jakarta, Indonesia. And it wouldn't be fitting if I wasn't Read more...

Cabra Kai Mixed Martial Arts

So an idea which was embarked on about 10 months ago and a journey which started about 8 years ago I'm proud to say that my own little gym Read more...


EverthingMMA.com.au Sponsors Karnage for CFC 14

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I’m excited and proud to annouce that EverythingMMA.com.au has agreed to sponsor me for my next fight at CFC 14 on June 5th. EverythingMMA will support by providing me with my fight shorts, as well as walkout apparel for my cornermen and myself.

Be sure to check out EverythingMMA.com.au for all your MMA Clothing, MMA Equipment and MMA Gear needs and support the people who support me. They were also sponsors of George Sotiropolous and Wanderlei Silva for UFC 110, so you can be assured that you will be dealing with professionals. Thanks!

Sponsorship 2010

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A new year, meaning new starts. From about mid-year I’ll be competing again and am looking for new sponsors. Fighters don’t get paid enough as it is, and so am looking to establish new business relationships to address this as well as growing exposure for the sponsors, the sport and myself.

(Puts on salesman voice, and does up top button).

So what does this mean for potential businesses and sponsors?

Well, it’s mainly to get exposure for a company’s name/brand/logo/presence out there. This is done via a few methods such as:

The Internet; aside from this website, the sponsor’s name/logo/URL will be used wherever possible such as Facebook/Twitter/Forums. This not only puts your URL all over the net, but it will ensure your site comes up in google search results way higher than it is now. Try googling “Kian Karnage Pham” – at least the first top 50 results are related to me.

Television: Fights taking place on Cage Fighting Championship are televised on FoxSports and FuelTV in Australia and broadcast on Untamed Sports TV in the United States. I am also in discussions to fight on ESPN Star which is broadcast to 310 million viewers in 24 different countries around Asia. So that’ll be a big one once they find me a match-up. Being well-spoken and a local favourite, I end up doing a lot of televised interviews, so that’s always good.

Sponsors logos/names will be printed on all clothing so that they can be picked up on camera and broadcast to everyone watching, as well as on walkout banners.

Big companies like Gatorade, Nike, etc. need not apply. This is more suited for the smaller companies who want to increase their exposure. Ok kidding, I’d be more than happy to be sponsored by Gatorade and Nike, so  if you’re reading this. Holla. ;) Haha.

Looking forward to a big year in 2010 for myself and Mixed Martial Arts!

UFC Q&A and Weigh ins

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Today I went to the UFC Q&A session with Dana White which was for UFC FightClub members as well as attending the official weigh ins and I only have one word – awesome! I’ve seen a lot of these, as well as the people at these events many times on TV before, but to be there live and amongst it all was a whole new level. Like Thursday’s signings, there was a lot of buzz in the air, but today was 10 fold. I can’t even imagine what the actual event is going to be like tomorrow. I think the roof will come off!

Anyways, here’s my blog from the day. When we got there, there was a very, very long line. It was so long, it kind of looped back on itself. Luckily for us, it was the line for the autograph signings, and as we had already met the same fighters (Couture, Akiyama, Maynard) the other day, so we didn’t have to line up there. There was a special line for the FightClub members (which I happily paid $35USD for two nights before) which was much shorter, and we got in, in less than 10 minutes.

When we got inside Acer Arena, there was the signings section again with the three fighters from Thursday signing, the usual merchandise area, and just heaps of people walking around with TapOut wear.

We had FightClub wristbands so was able to go into the Q&A session early. Sat around talking to Steve Perceval and John Sharp who will be the two Aussie refs who will be Official UFC Refs tomorrow. Great gig! John was nice enough to sneak me through the curtains to get a pic with the cage. Thanks Big John!

It was a bit after 12pm, before the “MAN” came – Dana White. He spent the next 90 mins or so answering questions from the fans in the audience. He’s as straight up as it gets, and it’s always good to hear him talk – swear words and all. One of the questions came from a guy who was from America and had no tickets. Without getting on his knees, asked Dana if he could get some tickets. After asking the crowd, and receiving a loud cheer, Dana decided to give the American some tickets. Due to the crowd’s response, Dana went on to say that we (Aussies) truly are the nicest people on the planet. Touché.

After Q&A, the weigh ins began. Joe Rogan MCed as usual, and the atmosphere was electric. Loud roars to the fighters. Special mention to hometown boy George Sotiropolous and Pride Legend, Wanderlei Silva. I was sitting quite close to where the fighters exited after they weighed in, but the stupid spotlights kept shining down my camera so not many pics came out. Below is one with Rampage in it, because I’ve yet to get a pic with him. This is as close as I’ve come so far.

After weigh ins were done, I managed to catch up with a few other UFC faces and take some pics with them, including Jacob “Stitch” Duran, Mark Munoz and Chris Lytle. Chris was an awesome guy, and came back out and gave me a TapOut hat.

And here is me with my new TapOut hat. :)

Was a great day. A nice warm-up to tomorrow’s main event, and the way I feel now, I think tomorrow is going to be an EPIC day. :)

BJJ Training Retrospective

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Found this on a forum about BJJ and found it to be very true (and amusing too because of its truth).

* 90% of the folks that you start with at white belt will never make it to black belt.
* You will be one of those 90 percent that never reaches black belt unless you really want it.
* Injury is 100 percent guaranteed at each belt level.
* Family members will try to talk you into quitting after each injury, especially if surgery is required. and if you really don’t want to be a black belt, their comments will make sense and you will quit.
* Listen to your body and rest when you’re hurt. BJJ is a marathon race, not a sprint.
* There’s a thin line between being hurt and injured. Don’t ignore the warning signs.
* BJJ is ALL EGO, regardless of the old “leave your ego at the door” mantra.
* Keep a flower pot at the office large enough to soak my sore wrists, hands and elbows during the day.
* Never train hard without a good warm-up first. if you’re intentionally skipping warm-ups so you can save energy for your matches, you’re going to pay for it someday.
* To not listen to training advice from other white belts over my instructor.
* Everyone online sounds smarter and better equipped to teach you than your instructor.
* Too much bjj info (e.g. DVDs, books, magazines, etc.) is just as bad as not enough bjj info.
* Good grapplers are training, not spending all day posting about who’s the best grappler or where they train.
* If you don’t have training goals in the beginning, someone will give you their agenda for what they want you to be and you may not like it.
* The grappler that thinks “drilling is a waste of time” will be an average grappler at best.
* You don’t have to be at the gym to train.
* Competitions will reveal all your bad habits that you can either hide or ignore in the gym.
* Start learning takedowns as a white belt. that way, you won’t be a blue/purple/brown belt that can only jump guard or butt scoot.
* The paintbrush and every other basic technique that you think is useless will work if you take time to learn how to set them up and execute them correctly.
* If you have to think about doing a technique, you don’t know it.
* Drill at least 10-15 mins after class every day on the technique you just learned to help reinforce it in your muscle memory.
* Trust your coach to build you as a grappler, not strangers that you only talk to online.
* White belts don’t have a style, regardless of what they think.
* Never let anyone intimidate you on the mat.
* Remember to breathe when sparring. if you run out of gas too quickly every time you roll, you’re probably holding your breath.
* Never be afraid to tap with a partner, it’s really not that important

Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster*…

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So the year is winding to an end, but I’ve already started thinking about the new year. I took about 2 months off after my last fight to heal a chronic groin injury and I’ve been back in training for a number of weeks now and just going through the motions. Not as intense as training would get when preparing for a fight, but still very good and hard sessions.

I’ve mapped out the next 6 months, and the basic goal is to get better at every aspect of the MMA game. To focus on increasing the knowledge and skills and to be a much better athlete. There’s always room to improve for myself, and I can still get better in everything I do. What has helped is the fact that I am quite small in stature. My training partners are always physically bigger and it adds as a driving factor for me to balance the playing field and get better in other aspects.

So for strength, I’ve started hitting the gym again for weights. Need to win every battle when it comes down to that. For my immediate goals for wrestling it will be to always remain on top when I get top position and always scramble to the advantage position first. Will have to just focus on the ground component of wrestling for now as most of my wrestling partners are training in Japan.

For my BJJ, I’m just increasing my repertoire of techniques from all positions. When I changed gyms about a year ago, I essentially stopped increasing my skills in this field from not attending any proper classes. I’m back to three classes a week at the Lion’s Den with a proper black belt instructor, and so far it’s been helping my game heaps on a week to week basis, especailly rolling with the instructor every class, and with the other browns and purples. Lastly, for striking, am having 1 on 1 muay thai sessions with my trainer three mornings a week to round off my striking. Will get back to the weekly sparring sessions once the new year starts with the rest of the team back.

So that’s the plan. Harder, better, stronger, faster*. Not really looking for any fights in the next 6 months, as holiday season is approaching and I’m off to my own holiday break in March. When I get back from that, i’ll have a training camp and look to return to the cage Harder, Better, Stronger and Faster…

*Taken from the title of the Daft Punk song. =)

Designz@Fuzion Photography

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Just want to give a shout out and plug to my boy Chris who has been helping out myself and others in recent months with his awesome photography skills. He’s done all types of photgraphy work which you can see on his online portfolio. He has also become an official fight photographer for Cage Fighting Championship so looking forward to seeing more great fight shots to come. As mentioned, his area isn’t just sports, so if you’re interested in a good photographer contact him, or contact me and i’ll pass on the details.

Designz@Fuzion Photography


pham vs mortimer @ cfc10

Off Season, not Time-Off Season

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I’ve recently returned to training and have been telling people I’m in my “off season” but by no means am I taking time off or that I’m training much less than I was before. My injuries are all healed up, and with no fights line up in sight, I could easily take off the next few months. However my off-season will consist of possibly as much training as I could fit in, just without the intensity I normally would apply if I was leading up to a fight or a competition.

MMA in Australia is still very young, and my own level of experience is relatively young as well, and so my off-season will comprise of building my skillsets more. More striking. More BJJ. More Wrestling. I still have a lot to learn in all areas, so will just look to fatten the knowledge areas up in all aspects, and then when I decide to make a return to fight again, i’ll pick the intensity up, move to less technique and more drilling, which should gear me back towards fight condition.

Well that’s the goal anyway. We’ll see how much of an impact work and the upcoming holidays will have. But at least I’ve got some short term goals I can aim towards.

Post Fight Assessments

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So last night I watched my fight on TV again for the first time since I actually had the fight which is just a few days shy of being two months now. I was really disappointed with my performance during and just after my fight and have been quite hard on myself since, so really didn’t want to review the fight anytime soon. I’ve been nursing a groin injury since the fight and have had some time off so there was no real need to review the fight.

However, tonight had the first showing on FoxSports so I decided to watch and finally do my post fight assessment. And after watching, I don’t feel as bad with my performance. From a technical perspective, I don’t feel like I did anything disastrous, and taking into account I was sick only a few days earlier, I think i was just outsized and outmatched. In hindsight, my strategy going into the fight could have been different, but you learn from those things after getting in there. That’s just what you call experience. You need a lot of bad mistakes to get good experiences.

Post fight assessments, or post match reviews are always good and constructive. Nothing is ever perfect, and it’s good to review what happened and try and find out all the little things you can do better for next time. This doesn’t just apply for fighting, but for everything. It’s the whole process of continual improvement. There’s that imaginary, almost mythical line of perfection that you’re always trying to strive towards, and every little improvement no matter how small each time you take to the mat, or the gym, or the field, or the office, gets you one step closer to that line. Now, in the practical world, you may never get to that line, but a positive step in the right direction is better than no steps at all.

That’s my words of wisdom for the month. =)

Sergei Beloglazov

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I’ve just arrived back from a week in Singapore on business and had the chance to train with Sergei Beloglazov. In short he is one of the best freestyle wrestlers there was, and one of the top coaches at the moment. He won two olympic gold medals, and 6 world championship golds to name a few of his accolades. Sergei is now the national wrestling coach for the Wrestling Federation of Singapore (WFS) while their athletes prepare for regional comps such as the SEA Games this year, and the Youth Olympic Games in 2010.

Thanks to Jimmy Taenaka who is the vice president of the WFS who has allowed me to train with the team and with Sergei. Jimmy is one of the biggest supporters of wrestling in Singapore and he should take a lot of the credit for the quick rise of wrestling in Singapore. He’s one of the nicest and most genuine people I have met.

My work will see me travelling to Singapore a few more times this year, so am looking forward to more training with the Singaporean national team and Sergei and his coaching staff.

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