Combat 8: 3 – vs. Allan Nascimento

Combat 8: 3 Matchup Poster

To just officially announce on here, my next fight will be at the third Combat 8 show on April 27th to be held at Big Top Luna Park in Sydney. Hopefully will be home court advantage being in Sydney and at Big Top where I’ve fought 8 previous times for CFC before so the surroundings will be familiar. This time though the rules will be different with the Combat 8 rules only allowing a limited time on the ground so there’ll be a lot more action on the feet.

My opponent is Allan Nascimento from Brazil who comes into this fight with a flawless 7 – 0 MMA record and training our of the well known Chute Boxe team. But flawless records don’t phase me much as everyone loses eventually and I aim to be the one to hand him his first loss.

Physically, preparation for this fight has been very good and I’m working on everything I need to to get the win. Mentally, I think I’m positioned much better than my last fight to be in the right frame of mind to win this fight. Last fight you could almost say I was too content and satisfied with everything and almost didn’t care about the result. I guess I wasn’t as hungry. But after losing my last fight and having parts of my life take a blow since then too, I’m more determined than ever to win. I’m hungry. I’m determined. And I’ve got a chip on my shoulder which will translate to me having no thought of self-preservation on my part and will come out for a war and mean my opponent is going to have a very, very hard time in there.

April 27th…. It’s on…


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