MMA News Asia Podcast Interview

Yesterday I did a podcast interview with MMA News Asia where they were interested to get a very candid and personal history about myself and get some insight into the life and mind of an MMA fighter. We discussed my humble beginnings in MMA, about how and when I started training; the joys of winning and the challenges of losing; what I have planned for the future; some discussion on next week’s CFC 19 event and a lot of other bits and pieces.

Listen to the full interview directly below here:

MMA News Asia will continue to present news about MMA in the region and I have been asked to be a guest whenever I can so if you’re interested in signing up to the podcast, then you can do so here via the numerous feeds which include iTunes:

Here is MMA News Asia’s actual post on their site too: Interview With Kian Pham – Cage Fighting Championship Fighter.

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