Injured: Out of Allegiance 4

Unfortunately due to a rib injury, I’ve had to pull out of my fight on Allegiance 4 which was scheduled to occur in 11 or so days. I spent most of last night contemplating and pondering and running all the possible scenarios in my head as to what to do. My decision to pull out of the fight wasn’t easy. The initial incident occurred last week and I gave myself some rest and the best chance I could in the hope that it wasn’t anything serious and the fight could go on but during a very light warm-up roll last night I felt my rib pop – and after sitting on the side of the mat for 20 mins thinking about other things it could be, realized that the fight was not going to happen because it felt the same as the last time I hurt my rib.

I don’t know if it was disbelief or me trying to search for a hopeful scenarios before I reached the acceptance stage. Even when I got home and after messaging the promoter and even sending a message to my opponent to express my apologies I still searched for avenues to fight. But in the end, what weighed it up for me was the potential additional damage I might end up doing to myself in the event of a bad outcome. The fact that last time I injured my ribs, I didn’t listen to my body and came back after 5 weeks (out of a prescribed 8 weeks) and ended up severely tearing my rib cartilage worse and was out for 3 more months. So with that experience and that lessoned learned, I think that’s what’s helping me feel more at ease with this disappointing outcome. But man am I feeling shattered at the moment to be so close to the fight and to get injured like this. And out of all things, the ribs – which take forever to heal…

So my guess is I’ll be out of action for another 8 weeks again which is going to really suck because it really sucked last time. This will probably lead into Christmas and NYE so might even be 10-12 weeks off. All that great conditioning and fitness is gonna be down the drain and will require very hard work to get back. I have to try and keep active somehow but need to make sure I heal right too.

Ahhh… so depressing… But all I can so is believe things happen as they’re meant to and this is just another thing I have no control over so all I should do is just to move forward from here…

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