Fight Diary – The Lonely Road

There are mornings where I wake up and head to the gym and it’s deserted. There’s times I need to squeeze in a bit more training and everyone else is done for the day or taking the day off. The nights and weekends where I just can’t do the things everyone else is doing. Or eat the things everyone else is eating. MmmMMm… food….

Sometimes the journey of fighting can be a lonely road. And this is probably not just limited to fighting, but for anyone who pursues a passion or a dream or just wants to reach their potential. There are days where it feels like all motivation has been zapped from your body and you’re trying to get to the end of the week, let alone the end goal which seems so far away. And sometimes compounded by the feeling that you’re the only one on this journey. But it should never get you down. It should never break your spirit.

I’ve had enough losses and negatives happen to know that the discipline and hard work is exactly what the doctor ordered, and I’ve had enough wins to know that it’ll all be worth it in the end. And as they say, you only get out as much as you put in. That’s with anything. The more you invest of yourself into something, the bigger the gratification in the end.

So yeah, on those early mornings when the only thing keeping me company in the gym is the sounds from the radio, or after the countless sessions which can take both a physical and mental toll, I remind myself that most of the moments of satisfaction and feelings of gratifications in my life, have come from doing things that even though different to what everyone else was doing, it was exactly what I wanted to be doing. A life you could look back on and say you did the things you wanted. You achieved the things you set out to. So knowing that as the end product, then the days where you’re feeling momentarily deflated seem so much easier to get through…

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