Fight Diary – Injuries: Occupational Hazard

 Ironically I had decided several days ago that my fight diary this week was going to be about injuries and more specifically about injury management leading up to fights. And in some unfortunate news yesterday I was informed that my opponent had pulled out of the fight on August 26th due to an injury.
They say fighters rarely go into a fight 100% free from injury and for me personally that has been very true for me for the string of fights prior to my last win. I realized the importance of managing injuries during training camp and the notion of proper rest and recovery.
The grueling training sessions fighters go through day in day out puts us at risk of injuries all the time. It’s not that we train chaotically or haphazardly. Just the number of hours we put in combined with a high level of intensity can take a toll on the human body. And then all it takes is a bit of bad luck and a minor injury follows.
Truthfully, I probably get a new injury every week. However I’ve learnt to manage injuries quite well. Doing things such as making sure I strap and tape problem areas to not make things worse; not ‘over’ training whereby the body can just fail on you; and understanding the importance of proper rest and recovery so that the body doesn’t fatigue and be at more risk at injuries. And the main way you do this is by just listening to your body.
I used to just train through everything despite my body screaming at me through signs of pain and discomfort. And your body is screaming at you for a reason. However, as fighters, if we listened to every peep the body made then we’d probably be resting every second day – which probably isn’t ideal for us. So it’s all about finding the right balance. For me, sometimes having that unscheduled rest day every now and then – because the body is asking – can do wonders to longevity.
So what’s happening now with my next fight? Not sure, but hoping for a replacement fighter to step in. I’ll assess the replacement and see if it’s a suitable matchup and I’m not having to go up a weight class again, and if all goes well, I’ll still be fighting in three weeks. I’ll continue to train as though I’m fighting and just hope for the best.

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