Fight Diary – It’s Good To Be Nervous

I was never really as nervous as I should be before fights. And even when I was, I was thinking about the wrong things so the nerves I did have probably weren’t directly related to the job at hand. And that job was to fight for your life. To go in there for 15 minutes and give it everything I’ve got. There came a time when I took a more relaxed approach and decided to think of the fight like any other sporting competition which I thought would help remove the nerves. But I’ve come to believe that being nervous is a good thing. It switches you on and prepares you for what’s to come. Going into a fight without nerves can lead to complacency and not lack of urgency when you should be scrambling your ass off. It creates a sense of desperation for everything.

So tonight when I walk out to the cage, I’ll tell myself that the butterflies that I’m feeling is exactly what I need. It’s my body’s natural response to say I’m ready for anything that’s about to come. I’m ready because of the 8 weeks I prepared for this so there’s nothing more I can do but to go out and give it my all. I’m going to look to be first at everything and go out and take what is mine because nothing is going to be given to me. When I’m on the back foot and gasping for air those nerves are going to help me dig deep and go that extra distance needed.

It’s only 15 minutes. You just have to give it everything you got. What happens after that 15 minutes doesn’t matter. Once that cage door closes, nothing else matters but that next 15 minutes inside that cage…


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