CFC 18 – New Opponent : UPDATED

So I had reported at the beginning of the week that Mark O’Callaghan had to pull out of the August 26th fight due to an injury. That’s very unfortunate for him and I hope he recovers well. On the flipside, fortunately for me a replacement was found a day later so my fight is still on and all the preparation hasn’t gone to waste. I just haven’t had time to write a post about it till now.

So, I will now be fighting Kyle Montgomery from South Coast NSW who trains under Mick Cutajar. The fight will be at a new lower weight of 57kg (125lbs) which will make it a true flyweight fight then. Mick’s been around the sport for a very long time so fighting anyone from his gym should be a good tough fight. I definitely won’t be any less focused than my previous match up.

So only two weeks to go and I’m excited to get back in the cage again for the first time since October 2010. Hopefully my new opponent’s training camp and preparation is a good one with no injuries, and hopefully there’s fireworks come August 26th.

*UPDATE – Another replacement* – 15th August

So just got word that Kyle Montgomery has pulled out of the fight. Fortunately for myself there was another backup fighter from South Australia by the name of Mike Lim who will be my new opponent. From what I’ve been told there won’t be a height disadvantage for myself as I was going to have previously so have to tweak the strategy…. yet again. Still 12 days out, so shouldn’t be too disruptive, but more importantly, i’m just glad I still have a fight.

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