The New Website is Here!

So I decided to change a few things in recent times. Have dedicated myself at the Flyweight class. A friend of mine wanted to create a new highlight reel for me which is in progress. I’ve been urged to be a bit more active on the interweb to write more, and even post videos. Which has basically lead me to upgrade my website too. So here it is! 

Visually it’s more cleaner, but the important thing is, the backend side of things is easier for me to manage, so hopefully I’m posting more frequently because of that. I have noticed that many of the posts that I write end up very high on Google search results. And in a couple of cases, my post ranked higher than the official website I was writing about. So i’m probably doing something right. :)

Anyway, the purpose of the website is not just to bring exposure to myself, but for the people around me that support me. Sponsors, team mates, coaches and trainers; They all deserve a mention and this is the portal to do so. Also to the people who follow and support in general. I’m hoping to be useful to the folks who do come here and read. I don’t claim to know everything but i’ll give it a go in trying to expand and grow the sport i’ve come to enjoy. And just by sharing my own thoughts and experience, I hope to help people out there who read.

So thanks to all who have been dropping by here thus far, and hope you read more often. :) Enjoy, and click on the Home button to check out the rest of the site and let me know what you think of the new site!

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