ONE Fighting Championship

A new MMA promotion is starting up in Asia called One Fighting Championship and is looking to be the next big thing here in this region for MMA. The promotion is headed by the same director who headed the successful Martial Combat promotion out of Singapore most recently. ONE FC will also be based out of Singapore for its first show set to go on September 3rd and has been themed to be matching Champions vs Champions – which sounds like it’ll be a huge and exciting first show.

With my return to action soon on the next Cage Fighting Championship (18) in August, I’m hoping to land a spot on one of the future ONE FC cards. With the UFC recently introducing the Flyweight division (125 lbs, 57kgs), I’ve got my fingers crossed that ONE FC will also have a flyweight division and lead the rest of the world in the smaller weight classes. I can definitely say the lighter fighters bring to the table much more exciting fights with the increased speed and endurance.

My primary goal now though is to focus on my next fight and come out victorious to put a stamp on this Flyweight division, so that I’ll be ready to make a mark in the rest of the region if I get the call… Fingers crossed. :)

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