Fight Diary – Motivation: Dig Deep

So normally about 8 weeks out from a fight is when the proper preparation for a fight for me begins. We’re still about 4 weeks away till fight day – so virtually only halfway there. So with all the intense and hard training sessions I’ve had to go through so far, there’s still a lot more to go and the challenge is always trying to find the motivation to get my ass to training. But not only just showing up, but putting in a solid session each and every time. It’s definitely tough because the sessions are never easy. We train pretty hard and sometimes the thought of what I’m in for when i wake up in the morning is almost enough to convince me not to get out of bed.

So how do I get the motivation to get my ass to training? To put in a solid session each time? To not give up when it hurts? To tell myself to keep going when I think I can’t? My coach Luke used some words in my last fight which best explains it – “you’ve got to Dig Deep”. And these words never meant as much before as they did to me in my last fight. Coming off 4 straight losses previously, I was 2 rounds into my fight, going into the 3rd and final round. I was feeling very tired. My forearms were very tense and weak and I didn’t think I’d have the energy to last. Even though I probably won the previous two rounds, there was still another round and I could still lose the fight. Doubt crept in and confidence was dissolving. This was when Luke told me I needed to Dig Deep. And as I walked out to that 3rd round, I’m not sure what I was digging but I searched deep inside and found the will and drive to push through and eventually finishing my opponent via submissn before the round ended. After the fight Luke reiterated the fact that I dug deep to get that one. And it was probably the thought of what it felt like to lose those other times that got me through. Using past negatives to my advantage. And the notion of digging deep to find that will and desire has stuck with me since.

Sometimes that spark we’re looking for to get us motivated is not apparent. It’s definitely not staring us in the face. It’s hidden deep inside of us needing to be uncovered. It’s tangled amongst losses and failures. Entwined in disappointment and shortcomings. Shrouded by hurt and sadness. But it’s these very things that can give us the will to drive forward and succeed at what we’re after. All these things exist in us in some shape or form. We just need to get to them and use them to our advantage – to create motivation – to build determination – to get us to where we want to get to.

So how do we do it? We just have to dig deep…

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2 Responses to Fight Diary – Motivation: Dig Deep

  1. Gabriel Huang

    Bro, your words are very meaningful to me at this time when I am facing lots of uncertainess and discouragement. Thanks for posting this!

    • KP

      No worries mate. Glad it was helpful. I’ll be writing more stuff like this to come. :)