CFC 18 – Here cometh the Flyweights…

After about a period of 4 months on the sidelines due to injuries and my last fight almost 9 months ago, my next appearance in the cage will be on August 26th at CFC 18 in Sydney. My opponent is scheduled to be Mark O’Callaghan from South Australia and the agreed fightweight will be at 58kg. Like myself, O’Callaghan has had to fight above his weight in most of his fights so this lighter weight fight will be good for the both of us. It will be a chance for both of us to showcase out skills and not be concerned about a bigger and heavier opponent. I think this formula alone will lead to a very fast paced and exciting fight. The UFC has brought in the lighter weight classes with exciting results, and I think the CFC bringing this fight in will result in an exciting fight as well.

O’Callaghan is first scheduled to fight on Allegiance 3 this weekend so I wish him well in that, and hope he comes out with no injuries so there’s no impact on his preparation for CFC 18.

As for myself, preparation has already begun, and looking forward to a strong training camp and hopefully all goes well for all parties and we can put on one of the best fights for 2011.

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