Injury Update

Haven’t posted in a while. I’ve tried to be occupied with other stuff since I’m still out of action from training since December so haven’t really thought much to update. And not much to update with either. I did injure my rib cartilage back in December for the No Gi comp. Took about 6 weeks off, and came back to training. Was back at training for nearly 2 weeks and then I injured my rib cartilage again. In comparison to the first time which was probably just a tear in the cartilage, the following one felt like a full separation of the cartilage. i.e. the cartilage separating from the rib bone. Was very painful for many weeks. Even still sore now.

So it’s been 4 weeks since the most recent injury to the rib and it looks like there’s about another 4 weeks to go. At least. So haven’t been doing any training which involves contact; boxing, wrestling, grappling. I’ve been able to keep occupied with one of my other passions though; basketball. But there’s a few things in there I can’t do – like wrestling away the ball from someone. Either way, it keeps me active to an extent. :)

So that’s the injury update. Hopefully things go well, and I’m back to training by end of March (Which would mean by then I have been out of training for nearly 4 months =/). Trying to get a fight in by June. But have to be patient and take my time, or I’ll injure it yet again which I definitely don’t want to do. Luckily, a lot of the boys from the gym are fighting, so it’s always good to support them. Will keep you posted.

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