CFC 15 – Back on the Winner’s List

So after a losing streak of fights which had all sorts of misfortunes leading up to them, I’m finally back with a win. And I have to say it feels great. The preparation for this fight was very good and it was the first time in a long time that i walked into the fight with hardly any nerves at all. I was feeling very relaxed. That can be attributed to the fact that my preparation was very good and all my training partners put in a lot of effort and time in getting me ready. Thanks guys.

What made the night even better was the other two Lion’s Den fellas won their fights too, to make it three wins from three fights on the night. And they were both tough fights too. Great results all around. Red corner won 6/7 fights, so it was good to be red that night, and blue corner, was… well.. feeling blue.

Big props out to my opponent Tyson Kroehn. He is one tough kid, and is only going to get better and better. The 3rd and final round, he knew he had to come out blazing, and that he did. He kept me on the back foot, and had me in a bit of trouble, even dropping me at one stage, but I recovered almost immediately to shoot in and get final the takedown. Chin up mate. You did really well, and should be proud. I’m glad we put on a good fight.

As for me, unfortunately I have to take a little break, and probably won’t fight again this year. Am looking to maybe fight in January, if not, it’ll be in March. But i down’t want to wait too long. Momentum is always a good thing, and should be taken advantage of.

Thanks to all my supporters once again, and all the kind words following my fight.

Photo by Into The Zone

CFC 15 Winners: Rob Lisita, Shaun Spooner, Josh Payne (Cornerman), Alex Le, Karnage

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