The Mental Game…

Been a while since my last update but, I’m Back… Those two words have a greater meaning now, and will so in the coming weeks. This post won’t dwell too much on the past, but I will say that there has been a lot going on in the last couple months. A lot of distractions away from the fighting game and when your head and heart isn’t in it, then it’s very difficult to focus on fighting. My last fight which was taken on a week’s notice was probably used more as a distraction from the distractions. Not a smart thing to do. But I did, and it’s a lesson learnt, like all things we do in life.

I do have a fight lined up soon, and my approach to this has been different. Previously, I had placed way too pressure on myself, and it was more of a mental game that was challenging me than a physical game. The motivation for this next fight has been different. I’ve learnt not to look at tomorrow, and to focus on today – the here and now. And my motivation to train hard and do the things I do, is simpler – because I enjoy it.

And that’s how life should be. We shouldn’t think too much about tomorrow, or the future. Today is enough. And we should do things because we enjoy it, and not because we have to or feel we must. Fighting doesn’t have to be so complicated. Life should not be so complicated.

Anyway, that’s enough wisdom for one day. :)

Will post again shortly with more details on my next fight in the coming days.

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