Thanks to Zeal Fightgear

A special thanks to my sponsor for my ESPN Martial Combat fight – Zeal Fightgear based in Singapore. Gabriel who is one of the co-owners of Zeal Fighgear and was able to quickly print up some very nice looking walkout tees for both myself and Josh on the day of my fight.

Both mine and Josh’s shirts had our own fight names on them which was good. Zeal Fightgear have made some really sweet MMA sparring gloves which I got a chance to look at when I was in Singapore and I’ll be receiving some soon to try out. Am looking forward to these gloves as they’re small like MMA gloves are, yet the extra padding is perfect for harder sparring without having to use 14oz gloves. Will write up a review when I try them out.

Hopefully I get a chance to fight in Singapore again to have a chance to promote Zeal Fightgear once again.

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