Martial Combat 5 – Wrap up

Back in Aus from Singapore for ESPN’s Martial Combat 5 and had a bittersweet experience. The overall trip was awesome as it was a great experience fighting overseas for the first time. We were well looked after by the promoters and everything was run exceptionally well. The atmosphere was great and it was fun being around so many fighters before, during and after the fights. Travelling with the Lion’s Den team was also a load of fun.

On the down side though, both Josh and I came back with a loss. For my fight, I felt I controlled most of my fight and did what was needed to win the fight. Everyone i’ve spoken to who has seen the fight believes I got robbed of the win. I’ve watched the fight again myself and I don’t know what the judges were seeing, and have no clue as to how they were scoring. I even had a CSA judge from Australia have a look at it, and based on agression, ring control, takedowns and groundwork, I should have won the fight. My opponent did land a few punches here and there, but they were not significant and I don’t think he did anything else worth scoring. As the saying goes, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of the judges, but I think they got it very wrong.

Overall, besides the dubious decision, everything else was awesome which made up for the loss I guess. I hope I get asked to come back on a future show to finish a fight and not leave it in the hands of the judges again.

Here’s footage of my fight if you want to judge if I got robbed or not.

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