Ulnar Collateral Ligament Tear

So the Monday after my CFC14 fight I went to the physio to get a proper diagnosis on my elbow injury and the result was a Grade 2 Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) tear in the elbow. The ligament is on the inside of the elbow and is a common injury place for baseball pitchers among other sports. The below pic shows a baseball player who’s had surgery on his just to show you where it’s placed.

I found this other picture of another baseball player in the act of pitching a ball and you can kind of visualize how the injury happened with this picture.

If you can imagine myself punching (overhand right) you can see how the elbow is opened up away from the body like that. Now normally you would punch through, and hit the target. However, as explained in my previous post, during hard sparring, my opponent punched back as I was doing this. Now, the punch may have missed my head, but it connected with my forearm right as the above motion was occurring, which virtually doubled the impact my elbow received pushing it backwards in the direction behind my head. Not fun.

This injury can also happen in jiu jitsu via an americana, or kimura or figure-4 as it is also referred to at times – but normally only when you don’t tap soon enough. Some of you may have strained this ligament before from not tapping early enough too. The symptons: finding it painful when straightening the arm.

As for recovery, I’ll be seeing my physio a few times a week for the next two weeks and I have it strapped up for the whole week to limit the motion of the elbow. I want to get this healed up ASAP, so I can get back into the gym. :)

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