ESPN and Star Sports Present: Martial Combat

My next fight will be in two weeks in Singapore on a show run by ESPN called Martial Combat on July 14th. This show aims to bring all the best fighters around Asia Pacific and broadcast the fights and entertainment to a potential audience of 350 million people across 24 countries. I’ve been working to get on this show since the beginning of the year, and as you can see the scope is quite big. I’m glad I was able to get in a fight last month, which hopefullycleared the cobwebs from having sat out for 10 months since my previous fight and will be ready to showcase myself on this bigger stage.

My opponent will be Jiang Long Yun from China, who comes from a Boxing and Wrestling/Judo background. From what I’ve seen, he looks like a tough fighter once again and should be another good test for me. Also fighting on the same show is friend and team mate, Josh Payne who will be up against Robert “The Beast” Washington. Originally from the USA, but now resides in Guam, Robert looks like a strong wrestler, and is currently unbeaten with 9 wins. Unfortunately, everyone eventually loses, so I’m happy to be there when Josh gives him his first loss. :)

We have a couple of friends who will be making the trip to support out of their own pocket which will be good support. Should be a good experience for all, and having been to Singapore many times before, it will be a great country to host this.

Will keep you all informed of the events leading up to and on the day. Cheers.

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