CFC 14 Result, what happened, and where to from here…

Unfortunately I went away with a loss on Saturday night at CFC 14. Even more unfortunate for me was that it was mainly due to an injury I sustained in the last hard sparring session a week earlier which meant I could not extend and straighten my arm without any pain. The plan for the fight though was to hopefully not get into that particular situation, however my opponent was able to get me in that exact situation and sadly I could not fight out of it. A lot of people remember my Rampage style slam of Neil Robertson when he caught me in a similar position, but without the strength in that elbow, there was to be no Rampage slam again. Not taking any credit away from Edwin, he was good enough to get me there and I was impressed with his performance. It just wasn’t my lucky night.

The injury itself was a freak accident with me and my sparring partner punching simultaneously and him connecting my forearm which basically gave me a standing americana. I’ll be going to physio for the next two weeks and resting to get this elbow back to normal.

Where do I go from here? Well, I still want to look for more fights, because I just like to fight. My win percentage is now at 50% after this fight so it’s no longer about winning or losing for me anymore. I do it because I like the competition and i’m always going into fights was a disadvantage and I like the challenge of overcoming that. Where I’m going to fight next is the big question. I’ll probably look to fight on other shows where I can fight at catch weights. My win percentage is now at 50% so it’s no longer about winning or losing for me anymore. As for training, I don’t think I did anything wrong in terms of preparing for this fight, so I’ll be doing the same things.

Finally, I’d like to thank all the people who came to support me, and I mean it deeply that your support means everything to me. Thank you everyone for all the kind words after my fight, because for me sometimes losing becomes a very lonely feeling and it makes it less so. And thank you to for sponsoring me for this fight.

See you all again soon.

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2 Responses to CFC 14 Result, what happened, and where to from here…

  1. Mark Menegus

    it’s not about the win percentages mate, it’s about the dedication & participation. win, loss, draw, no contest, you’ve still got our support & approval mate!

    hopefully things go a little more smoother for you next time you fight mate, all the best!

    • KP

      thanks Mark. really appreciated.