Sponsorship 2010

A new year, meaning new starts. From about mid-year I’ll be competing again and am looking for new sponsors. Fighters don’t get paid enough as it is, and so am looking to establish new business relationships to address this as well as growing exposure for the sponsors, the sport and myself.

(Puts on salesman voice, and does up top button).

So what does this mean for potential businesses and sponsors?

Well, it’s mainly to get exposure for a company’s name/brand/logo/presence out there. This is done via a few methods such as:

The Internet; aside from this website, the sponsor’s name/logo/URL will be used wherever possible such as Facebook/Twitter/Forums. This not only puts your URL all over the net, but it will ensure your site comes up in google search results way higher than it is now. Try googling “Kian Karnage Pham” – at least the first top 50 results are related to me.

Television: Fights taking place on Cage Fighting Championship are televised on FoxSports and FuelTV in Australia and broadcast on Untamed Sports TV in the United States. I am also in discussions to fight on ESPN Star which is broadcast to 310 million viewers in 24 different countries around Asia. So that’ll be a big one once they find me a match-up. Being well-spoken and a local favourite, I end up doing a lot of televised interviews, so that’s always good.

Sponsors logos/names will be printed on all clothing so that they can be picked up on camera and broadcast to everyone watching, as well as on walkout banners.

Big companies like Gatorade, Nike, etc. need not apply. This is more suited for the smaller companies who want to increase their exposure. Ok kidding, I’d be more than happy to be sponsored by Gatorade and Nike, so  if you’re reading this. Holla. ;) Haha.

Looking forward to a big year in 2010 for myself and Mixed Martial Arts!

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