Holidays are over….

So I just got back from a month long vacation in North America. I pretty much circled the United States and visited Mexico as well. There was too much going on over there, so I had little time for training. The upside to that is that all my injuries are pretty much healed. The main injury was a sprained wrist from a few months ago and was taking a lifetime to get better, but since i’ve been back, it feels almost 100%.

The time away from training was also good, not only to heal the body, but to clear the mind and bring back the drive and motivation to fight again. Not more than 24 hours after I arrived back in Australia, I was back at training again – and it was good to be back. I’m back hard into it as i’m trying to get my fitness back.

My target schedule to return to the cage looks to be in June. I’ll have more specific details in the coming weeks as it’s still a while away, but considering I need to get back the fighting fitness, 10 weeks is good prep time. I’m aiming to have at least 3 fights by the end of the year and already have booked spots on some shows, so it’s definitely going to happen. As I said, the motivational drive to fight is definitely back in full swing, and I can’t wait to just scrap. :-)

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