UFC Q&A and Weigh ins

Today I went to the UFC Q&A session with Dana White which was for UFC FightClub members as well as attending the official weigh ins and I only have one word – awesome! I’ve seen a lot of these, as well as the people at these events many times on TV before, but to be there live and amongst it all was a whole new level. Like Thursday’s signings, there was a lot of buzz in the air, but today was 10 fold. I can’t even imagine what the actual event is going to be like tomorrow. I think the roof will come off!

Anyways, here’s my blog from the day. When we got there, there was a very, very long line. It was so long, it kind of looped back on itself. Luckily for us, it was the line for the autograph signings, and as we had already met the same fighters (Couture, Akiyama, Maynard) the other day, so we didn’t have to line up there. There was a special line for the FightClub members (which I happily paid $35USD for two nights before) which was much shorter, and we got in, in less than 10 minutes.

When we got inside Acer Arena, there was the signings section again with the three fighters from Thursday signing, the usual merchandise area, and just heaps of people walking around with TapOut wear.

We had FightClub wristbands so was able to go into the Q&A session early. Sat around talking to Steve Perceval and John Sharp who will be the two Aussie refs who will be Official UFC Refs tomorrow. Great gig! John was nice enough to sneak me through the curtains to get a pic with the cage. Thanks Big John!

It was a bit after 12pm, before the “MAN” came – Dana White. He spent the next 90 mins or so answering questions from the fans in the audience. He’s as straight up as it gets, and it’s always good to hear him talk – swear words and all. One of the questions came from a guy who was from America and had no tickets. Without getting on his knees, asked Dana if he could get some tickets. After asking the crowd, and receiving a loud cheer, Dana decided to give the American some tickets. Due to the crowd’s response, Dana went on to say that we (Aussies) truly are the nicest people on the planet. Touché.

After Q&A, the weigh ins began. Joe Rogan MCed as usual, and the atmosphere was electric. Loud roars to the fighters. Special mention to hometown boy George Sotiropolous and Pride Legend, Wanderlei Silva. I was sitting quite close to where the fighters exited after they weighed in, but the stupid spotlights kept shining down my camera so not many pics came out. Below is one with Rampage in it, because I’ve yet to get a pic with him. This is as close as I’ve come so far.

After weigh ins were done, I managed to catch up with a few other UFC faces and take some pics with them, including Jacob “Stitch” Duran, Mark Munoz and Chris Lytle. Chris was an awesome guy, and came back out and gave me a TapOut hat.

And here is me with my new TapOut hat. :)

Was a great day. A nice warm-up to tomorrow’s main event, and the way I feel now, I think tomorrow is going to be an EPIC day. :)

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