Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster*…

So the year is winding to an end, but I’ve already started thinking about the new year. I took about 2 months off after my last fight to heal a chronic groin injury and I’ve been back in training for a number of weeks now and just going through the motions. Not as intense as training would get when preparing for a fight, but still very good and hard sessions.

I’ve mapped out the next 6 months, and the basic goal is to get better at every aspect of the MMA game. To focus on increasing the knowledge and skills and to be a much better athlete. There’s always room to improve for myself, and I can still get better in everything I do. What has helped is the fact that I am quite small in stature. My training partners are always physically bigger and it adds as a driving factor for me to balance the playing field and get better in other aspects.

So for strength, I’ve started hitting the gym again for weights. Need to win every battle when it comes down to that. For my immediate goals for wrestling it will be to always remain on top when I get top position and always scramble to the advantage position first. Will have to just focus on the ground component of wrestling for now as most of my wrestling partners are training in Japan.

For my BJJ, I’m just increasing my repertoire of techniques from all positions. When I changed gyms about a year ago, I essentially stopped increasing my skills in this field from not attending any proper classes. I’m back to three classes a week at the Lion’s Den with a proper black belt instructor, and so far it’s been helping my game heaps on a week to week basis, especailly rolling with the instructor every class, and with the other browns and purples. Lastly, for striking, am having 1 on 1 muay thai sessions with my trainer three mornings a week to round off my striking. Will get back to the weekly sparring sessions once the new year starts with the rest of the team back.

So that’s the plan. Harder, better, stronger, faster*. Not really looking for any fights in the next 6 months, as holiday season is approaching and I’m off to my own holiday break in March. When I get back from that, i’ll have a training camp and look to return to the cage Harder, Better, Stronger and Faster…

*Taken from the title of the Daft Punk song. =)

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