Post Fight Assessments

So last night I watched my fight on TV again for the first time since I actually had the fight which is just a few days shy of being two months now. I was really disappointed with my performance during and just after my fight and have been quite hard on myself since, so really didn’t want to review the fight anytime soon. I’ve been nursing a groin injury since the fight and have had some time off so there was no real need to review the fight.

However, tonight had the first showing on FoxSports so I decided to watch and finally do my post fight assessment. And after watching, I don’t feel as bad with my performance. From a technical perspective, I don’t feel like I did anything disastrous, and taking into account I was sick only a few days earlier, I think i was just outsized and outmatched. In hindsight, my strategy going into the fight could have been different, but you learn from those things after getting in there. That’s just what you call experience. You need a lot of bad mistakes to get good experiences.

Post fight assessments, or post match reviews are always good and constructive. Nothing is ever perfect, and it’s good to review what happened and try and find out all the little things you can do better for next time. This doesn’t just apply for fighting, but for everything. It’s the whole process of continual improvement. There’s that imaginary, almost mythical line of perfection that you’re always trying to strive towards, and every little improvement no matter how small each time you take to the mat, or the gym, or the field, or the office, gets you one step closer to that line. Now, in the practical world, you may never get to that line, but a positive step in the right direction is better than no steps at all.

That’s my words of wisdom for the month. =)

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