Off Season, not Time-Off Season

I’ve recently returned to training and have been telling people I’m in my “off season” but by no means am I taking time off or that I’m training much less than I was before. My injuries are all healed up, and with no fights line up in sight, I could easily take off the next few months. However my off-season will consist of possibly as much training as I could fit in, just without the intensity I normally would apply if I was leading up to a fight or a competition.

MMA in Australia is still very young, and my own level of experience is relatively young as well, and so my off-season will comprise of building my skillsets more. More striking. More BJJ. More Wrestling. I still have a lot to learn in all areas, so will just look to fatten the knowledge areas up in all aspects, and then when I decide to make a return to fight again, i’ll pick the intensity up, move to less technique and more drilling, which should gear me back towards fight condition.

Well that’s the goal anyway. We’ll see how much of an impact work and the upcoming holidays will have. But at least I’ve got some short term goals I can aim towards.

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