Groin Injury

I haven’t trained since my last fight and that would make it two weeks straight of no training activity at all. I don’t think I can remember the last time since I started martial arts 3 and a half years ago where I didn’t train for a period of two weeks. Even when i went on holidays 2 years ago, i was able to still train.

However this time a groin injury that i got about 6 weeks ago has lead me to take some time off to heal. After my last fight i decided to take some off, both physically and mentally, and get this groin checked out too. Have been going to physio, and it’s getting better. I still have some treatment next week, so this streak of not training is continuing.

Going to enjoy the weekend with Father’s Day on Sunday, so some nice R&R with family for the mental break. I’ll see how the groin feels on Monday, and might start some boxing training to slowly get back into things. I’ll see how the groin pulls up next week before i start grappling or wrestling again. Until next time, have a great weekend folks…

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