CFC 10 – Result

Well, it’s been more than a week since my fight and i’ve finally gotten around to posting. Most of you know by now that I was unable to come away with the victory and lost to Michael Mortimer via rear naked choke in the second round. Mortimer pretty much controlled the whole fight and was in the dominant position for most of it. I managed to reverse out of a few positions but wasn’t able to put together a good enough counter attack to threaten Mortimer.

Now, in my post fight speech I mentioned that I got sick earlier in the week and was close to pulling out of the fight, for which I received boos from a section of the crowd. Firstly, to that section – I wasn’t explaining myself to you lot anyway. I did indeed get the flu earlier in the week, and was still sick on fight night. During the fight, the strength wasn’t there, and I could really feel the fatigue. I felt bad that many people (paid for pricey tickets and) came to support me and I wasn’t able to give 100% and wanted to apologize for the poor showing. Even in my eyes I put in a very below-average performance, and whatever I may have said in the speech, was more frustration at getting sick than about the loss.

Having said that, I’m not taking anything away from Mortimer. He is an extremely good fighter and deserved the win. I’m sure he even felt it was a walk in the park, and I wished I could’ve given him more of a challenge. All the best to him in the future.

As for my future. Well, i’ve got many things to think about. The 62kg division is too big for me, so need to figure out what lies ahead. I’ll keep you posted….

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