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So it’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I’d share an update on things. My last post was about my trip to Melbourne for the Australia Cup. I made weight, but there was noone else in the 55kg class, so to not waste the trip, I decided to compete in the 60kg weight class. Unfortunately I lost both my matches, even one against the Australian/Oceania champion. It was a good experience and I managed to get quite a few things out of it.

Since my last fight in February, I’ve been focusing on the wrestling only as I’ve been quite busy with work. Had to travel overseas for a total duration of about 4 weeks over 2 months, so any preparation for a fight would not have been ideal. I did get to train a bit here and there while I was in Singapore and Thailand. Met some good people and am glad I will have familiar faces to look up when i’m in those countries again.

I don’t see any travel happening anytime soon so i’ve been back hard into the training. I’ve picked up a gear on my muay thai, and eyeing an amatuer fight in August. We’ve also got a new wrestling coach who’s coached several world champions, so that is very exciting, and with the limited time i’ve had with him already, I can see how valuable he is going to be. And finally, my BJJ training will pick up at the Lion’s Den Academy. Luke is a great coach and equally a great person and I have thoroughly enjoyed my training there over this year, so i’ve decided to attend more classes to keep my BJJ progressing.

So, all in all, training wise, things look great. I feel I have the right people around me to help me grow and am very thankful for that. Until next time…

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