Victory at CFC 7

Aside from posting the victory picture below I haven’t written much on the fight at CFC 7 as I’ve been a bit busy, or you could say a bit lazy. I won the fight via a rear naked choke midway in the 2nd round. Once I knew I had sunk in that choke, I could already feel the second dose of adrenalin kick in, in time for the celebration.

This win has probably been the best one so far as there was a lot riding on this fight. New training leading up to the fight. A new team now where we’re so closely knit and have been riding this journey every step of the way – I really didn’t want to let down. And an old team (person i should say) who just wanted to see me fail. I really felt it in the nerves department prior to the fight. On top of that, I was about to fight probably the biggest guy i’ve fought to date. I think he was around 5’10. I’m only 5’3, and by fight night, I was probably giving up about 10% of my body weight to him too. But, I felt I fought a strategic fight and kept composed the whole time and came away with the win.

After the fight, I was interviewed by Brian Ebersole about a possible title shot and possible future opponents. I should’ve asked Brian if he was willing to come down to 62kg to fight me for a belt. =). On that note, I hope to be able to fight down a weight class for future fights. I’ve had all my fights around 62kg whereas I should be fighting at 57kg. The additional weight I’ve been giving up to my opponents is getting harder to deal with. But I’ll see what happens in the coming months…

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