Team Juggernaut

OK, from my last post, and the fact that I know the MMA community out there are intelligent cookies, people would have guessed there was a change coming on for myself. As the title suggests, I have moved on from KMA Liverpool. The last 12 months have seen my training kind of plateau off and with what I believe is going to be a very big year for MMA in 2009, I decided a move was required to take me to the next level and beyond. And the move was to Team Juggernaut.

I have new trainers and a new team. I’ve been training the last few weeks with them and am very excited about things to come. The guys are great and it’s the perfect environment I want to be in with a feeling of camaraderie everywhere you look. Not only that, there’s a great group of good sparring partners for me to train with and help me prepare for my fights in every aspect. They’re all there supporting everyone every step of the way and am excited to be apart of such a team.

The first chance for me to fly the Team Juggernaut flag will be at CFC7 on February 20th, 2009. More details on my next fight at a later date. As per definition, Karnage has become a part of a large, overpowering, destructive force – Team Juggernaut.

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