Change is all a part of growth…

There always comes a time when we feel that we’re no longer making progress in the things we do. Maybe it’s because we’re doing the same things. I was once told that if you keep doing the same thing, then you get the same results. And when a friend told me today that change is all apart of growth, I could not disagree.

Like a lot of people, I prefer to stay as far as possible from the politics of things. Sometimes it just can’t be avoided. There’ll always be politics, so we just accept it and move on. New doors have opened up for me and call me naive, but I thought that the old doors would remain open. It’s not like i’ve been dissing people or saying bad things. I’ve just taken up an opportunity to grow – but I guess sometimes not everyone is happy with change.

So I’m at the dawn of a new change and hope people close to me support me moving forward. I know that the people who have my interests in their best interests will do exactly that. I know where my loyalties are and will always be grateful to the people who have helped me get me to where I am. Politics may prevail and doors may close on me and unfortunately I might not be able to repay my loyalties.

I’ve learnt that you can’t always keep everyone happy, but I don’t think it’s right to keep everyone unhappy. If diplomacy fails then all we can do is accept it and look to the future…

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