Back on the winner’s list

A day after CFC6 and I’m feeling very happy and satisfied with getting the win last night against my opponent Neil Robertson. Neil came out with guns blazing and from the outset I knew it was gonna be a tough battle. Not only was I feeling physically prepared for this fight, but I was feeling very mentally prepared as well. My previous fight I had quite a number of distractions and wasn’t able to be as focused as I was last night. All that was on my mind was getting the win. And that I did, with a submission win via armbar in the first round. Unfortunately I felt a pop in Neil’s arm right when he tapped out, but have checked up with his crew today and have been informed his arm is OK, just a little sore. I hope it’s not too bad, and he’s back to training in no time.

Overall, it feels great to be back on the winner’s list and can’t wait to get back to training next week. I’ve taken my training to new places and the momentum is awesome, so I want to make sure I keep things rolling.

As for the night itself. A few surprise wins for a couple of underdogs, and a few disappointed losses from a couple of fighter friends. I’m hoping the loss gives them the drive to come back better fighters.

Thanks to Neil for the fight, and Luke and the CFC folk for putting on another great show.

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